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  Tuition & Policy Agreement


  1. Tuition must be paid on a weekly basis. Payment must be made through the Brightwheel app. A late fee of $10.00 will be added to any account that payment has not been made by the following Monday. If payment is two weeks delinquent services will be discontinued until the account is paid in full. Re-enrollment will require the full registration fee.
  2. A written two-week notice is required prior to terminating a child’s enrollment, an email is sufficient. Payment will berequired for the two weeks after notice is given.
  3. Accounts that are left unpaid will be charged $10.00 weekly.
  4. Tuition increases are evaluated each year. Any increase is implemented in early September.


You will earn one-week vacation (# of days that your child is enrolled weekly) per year only aftercompletion of 6 months of continuous enrollment. You must give written notice prior to usingyour vacation days. Vacation must be used in the year it is earned.


Full tuition will be charged for the first three consecutive enrolled days during a child’s illness.You will be charged 50% of regular tuition for consecutive days beyond three days.


The maximum number of childcare hours that St. Croix Kids allows are 10 hours per day. Additional hours will be charged at $10.00 per every fifteen minute increment.


St. Croix Kids closes at 6:00pm. Please arrive a few minutes prior to 6:00pm in order for theteachers to close the building at 6:00pm.

Late fees are charged as follows:

6:00-6:05 $15.00
6:06-6:10 $17.50
6:11-6:15 $20.00

An additional $5.00 will be charged for each additional 5-minute interval.If a parent fails to pick up a child after closing time the staff will attempt to contact the parentsand all emergency numbers. If unable to contact anyone within one hour the police will benotified to pick up the child.


To change your contract and bill you must submit a request in writing two weeks prior to thechange along with a $10.00 change of service fee. You are responsible for tuition according tothe old contract until the change goes into effect.

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