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St. Croix Kids - Daycare and Preschool


Looking for a preschool that focuses on your child's needs?  One that can give you and your child what you both need?  If your answer is yes, then check out St. Croix Kids.  Full day classes available 8:30 - 4:00, with extended day option.

Here's why:

  • Small class size -  Low child to teacher ratios allow your child the personalized attention he/she deserves. St. Croix Kids is a small program with one class for toddlers, one class for 3 year olds and one classroom for 4 and 5 year olds.  This allows all of the teachers in the program the opportunity to know and nurture your child.
  • Children learn through play - Your child will explore different places, times, and cultures, experiment with science, learn through song, express himself/herself through stories, and develop confidence through success. All of this is accomplished though daily play facilitated by experienced and educated teachers.
  • The teachers are, simply put, amazing - The teachers have over a century of combined teaching experience. They have a passion for teaching and a love of learning that will be shared with your child through unique projects, fantastic field trips and a safe, loving classroom environment.

Our preschool curriculum is structured around the MN Early Learning Standards which focuses on preparing children for kindergarten.

The children are with the same teachers and students throughout the day.  All of the children eat lunch with their classroom teachers.

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